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The spade brings pedigree and reputation to the garden in equal amounts – and whether you are turning over an allotment, vegetable patch or decorative border, this spade really delivers. Forged by hand to a design created to suit the Dutch market and gardeners of West Friesland almost a hundred years ago, the spade comes with a solid ash handle and at the business end, a stainless steel blade. The spade is primarily used to dig and transplant in thick soil types. The bottom of the blade is sharpened, so the spade can be driven into the ground with ease.

The blade of the spade is curved on the long side to give it strength and to prevent fracturing the blade while digging. Furthermore, the angle at which the blade is attached to handle is specifically determined to make working with the spade more comfortable. Because of the shape and angle of the blade, the spade is very well suited for digging in the ground but less for scooping or shovelling loose material.

Length of the handle

90 cm

Net weight

2 kg

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