Sneeboer Short Digging Fork 4 tines Ash Handle (70cm long)

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This traditional T-handled, four tined for is ideal for lifting potatoes intact from the soil. The four sharpened tines are effortlessly driven deep into the soil and the short handle allows you to work with precision close to the ground. The digging fork is also useful for tearing out shrubs, hedges or other plants when the roots have to remain intact.

The four teeth are forged in a V-shape on the backside while the front is flat. The handle is short, but very sturdy so you can use a lot of force if need be. The digging fork is not only useful for digging out potatoes, but it can also be used to harvest leeks and other vegetables and plants when roots have to stay intact. 

Total length

70 cm

Length of the handle

49 cm

Width of the blade

14,5 cm

Length of the blade

20 cm

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