Record Power Wet Stone Maintenance Kit (WG250/X)

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Record Power's handy maintenance kit kit contains:

  • Magnet - For easy collection of metal filings from water tray.
  • Paraffin Wax - For use on the support arm to ensure smooth movement of jigs.
  • Marker - For marking the edges of tools to aid accurate sharpening.
  • Rasp - Restores drive wheel for optimum grip.
  • Mineral Oil - To be used to prime a dry leather honing wheel before application of honing compound.
  • Lubrication Oil - For lubricating the bearings at the end of the drive shaft.
  • Magnifying Glass - With light, Ideal for close inspection of tool edges.
  • Cleaning Brush - For use on the water tray and stone.

Suitable for use with Record WG200 & WG250 sharpening systems.

More wet stone jigs can be found here.

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