Milescraft Saw Guide for Circular and Jigsaws 1403

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The new and improved Milescraft SawGuide™ turns hand-held circular and jigsaws into precision cutting tools. Using the SawGuide™, you can make long, difficult edge cuts without the use of a table saw. Speed through these tough cuts, at home or in the field, and make sure they come out right every time.

Users can quickly set up their saw to make straight, angle, bevel, and rip cuts. When flipped over, the SawGuide becomes a circle cutting guide for your jigsaw and can make circles from 6” to 24” in diameter. The SawGuide’s universal non-slip base holds your saw firm ensuring straight final cuts and works with almost any circular saw or jigsaw.  Whether right-handed or left, the versatile and reversible edge guide can be configured on both sides of the SawGuide™ to ensure comfortable and safe operation.  The long edge guides your saw all the way through the cut ensuring clean entry and exit cuts.

Edge Cutting – With Circular Saws & Jig Saws

  • Extends cutting range from 1″ to 11.5″ from the edge of workpiece with jigsaws
  • Extends cutting range from 1″ to 14″ from the edge of workpiece with circular saws

Circular Cutting – With Jig Saws

  • Cuts circles from 6″ to 24″ in diameter

Universal Saw Base With Non-Slip Pads

  • Provides maximum stability and hold to keep your saw in place during use
  • Accepts jigsaws & circular saws with left or right-sided blades

Reversible Edge Guide

  • Long edge guide for accurate cuts all the way through your stock
  • Guide works equally as well from the left or right-hand side

Guide Bar

  • 16″ (410mm) long, 1/8″ (3mm) thick

Mounting Clamps

  • Metal clamps secure saws to the saw base

Removable Bevel Foot

  • For saws that don’t have a flat base

Pivot Holes

  • Pivot holes for cutting a circle with a jigsaw

Thumb Lever Micro-Adjustment

  • Exclusive trimming feature allows you to adjust the length of cut by 1/8″ increments without tools

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