Okatsune Short Handled Hedge/Shrub Shears 217

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Short model shrub shears with short wooden handles of 300 mm, and a medium-long razor-sharp blade of 175 mm. This short, lightweight model is ideal for topiary boxwood or the Japanese garden (o-karikomi), because you are close to the work. Also for pruning in tight spaces the 217 is ideal. The blade of the 217 boxwood shears is 30 mm longer than the blade of the 216 boxwood shears. This has the advantage that you can penetrate deeper into the crop, and cut faster with large surfaces.

– Total length: 535 mm
– Handle length: 300 mm
– Blade length: 175 mm
– Weight: 800 g

Optional extras
Camellia oil
Okatsune Whetstone

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