Milescraft Grabberplus Multi-Purpose Push Block for Ripping or Routing 3405

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The GrabberPLUS™ offers an upgraded safety solution to the Grabber™ family of Milescraft push blocks. It’s great for extra control when using router tables, table saws, jointers, and bandsaws. The high-friction, diamond grip prevents boards from slipping.  The added spring-loaded retractable heels secure the ends of your workpiece and guide it through your cut. The GrabberPLUS™ is a must-have for every woodworker!

Spring-Loaded, Retractable Locking Heels

  • Increase control during cuts to eliminate tear-out when ripping or routing

Diamond Grip Rubber Bottom

  • Non-marring, non-slip TPE material provides maximum control to safely hold your workpiece in place

Ergonomic, Tilted, Comfort Grip Handle

  • Provides superior control and maximum grip, while keeping your hands away from the cutting tool and providing increased directional force against the fence

Durable Body

  • Provides maximum durability to safely control your workpiece in all applications
  • High visibility yellow makes it easy to find in busy shops

Safety Tips

  • Ensure GrabberPLUS™ is firmly and securely on the workpiece
  • Ensure a safe distance between the saw blade and the edge of GrabberPLUS™
  • Check and clean diamond grip pad with compressed air, or if that is not available, with water and soap, as necessary

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