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This kit gets you started on the road to buffing. All you need to supply is the lathe, a chuck and something to buff!


  • Mandrels for holding the buffing wheels in the chuck. 
  • One of each buffing wheel (A, B and C) are included in the 8 inch size,
  • complete with all the fixings attached to fit into the Mandrels.
  • A bar of each of the compounds is included to get you started, these will last a long time so no need to worry about getting spares yet (although all of the items in the kit are available separately when you need to get them).
  • Next is a stick of carnauba wax for that final gloss finish.
  • full set of instructions on how to use the kit to get the best from it.

(Note: the wheels are rated for a maximum speed of 1500rpm and designed primarily for use on a lathe. It can be used with a variable speed drill, but the large mandrel will not fit.

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