Asahi MW3 Japanese Koyama 30mm Woodworking Rebate Plane

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The 30mm right sided rebate plane from Koyama is a dream to use, the body is from White Oak and equipped with a quality laminated blade. Once adjusted correctly the plane glides smoothly while taking the finest of shavings. What was once a chore becomes effortless and a pleasure when you become familiar with the workings and set up of this superb plane.

The plane iron is supplied sharpened but we would highly recommend you hone it prior to use, lapping the sole on 320g Wet and Dry abrasive paper on a flat surface i.e a piece of float glass will also take the plane to another level.

MW3 Specification

Overall Length

180mm (7″)

Overall Width

43mm (1.7″)

Iron Width

30mm (1.2″)

Made in Japan

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